7 reasons why to choose Tec7 for your store

1. We build on simplicity

Our mission is to make your life and that of your customer easier. How do we do this? 

  • No surprises

  • Only solutions

  • No hassle

  • Efficiency

  • Innovation with the user in mind

  • Ease of use of our products

Simplicity is our philosophy. Whether we are launching new products or in our daily cooperation with you. Always.

2. Highest rotation combined with minimum shelf space

You don't need thousands of products for optimal returns. This makes it complicated for your customers as well as for you. That is why we develop our product range so that we can offer the maximum number of solutions to your customers with a minimal number of products. In this way we already guarantee the highest rotation in stores in many countries.

2. Highest rotation

Tec7, the brand that makes the difference, for you and your customer.

3. 100% loyal to retail

We firmly believe that retail is the only and best channel to distribute our products now and in the future. Your expertise, your proximity, your customer service are essential.  That is why we are 100% loyal to retail. Therefore, we do not think in terms of seller vs. customer but rather in partnerships. Let's see together how we can join forces to better serve your customers.


4. Quality, quality & quality

We make no compromises here. We always strive for the highest professional quality for our products. So that you and your customers don't have to worry. If it sticks, it stays stuck. We also guarantee this professional quality with our scientific laboratory and the many certificates that our products have. Tec7, and you can be sure. With more than 50 million adhesive ducts sold and millions of satisfied customers, we guarantee this.

5. To learn is to grow

Tec7 invests enormously in the training of your staff and your customers. Why? Because this is crucial for your business but also for the satisfaction of your customers. The selection of the right product and the right way to use them. A win-win for all parties. We always have a team of trainers and demonstrators on the road to be close to you and your customers. Open days, breakfast sessions, webinars everything is possible with us.

5. To learn is to grow-01

6. The shop as a central location

Because we are 100% loyal to retail, it goes without saying that we want to invest in your store. How can we help your customers find the right products, how can we respond to their needs? These are the things that occupy us on a daily basis. Perfecting shelf plans for your store, beautiful and creative displays, demo materials, videos and tutorials, promotional campaigns and so much more.


7. Customer satisfaction

Customer service is simply in our DNA. We have been able to grow for 25 years on the basis of satisfied customers and we don't lose sight of that. And yes, we do make an occasional mistake, but rest assured that we will do everything in our power to resolve it as quickly as possible. Honesty and transparency are crucial here. We're always ready to answer your questions, too.



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