Dislodged wedge bolt

Anchoring a wedge bolt

Wedge bolts are the traditional method for fastening heavy objects to a wall. But if the substrate is too weak, they always come loose. This happens because a wedge bolt exerts a high degree of pressure on the surrounding stones and joints, which then break or crumble. We solve this problem by replacing the wedge bolt with a stud that we anchor with 2-K Mix. You have the choice between 2K-Mix Fast or 2K-Mix Superfast, depending on the application.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Remove the old wedge bolt.

  • Remove loose particles and dust with brush and/or vacuum cleaner.

  • Degrease the stud with Tec7 Cleaner.


Step 2: Anchoring

  • Choose a stud having the right diameter and length as a function of the application. In hollow materials you use the Anchor Plug.

  • Screw the mixer tip onto the cartridge. Eject around 10 cm and dispose of it.

  • Inject 2-K Mix into the drilling hole, from back to front.

  • Screw the stud as deeply as possible into the mass.


Step 3: Finishing

  • Remove excess 2-K Mix immediately with 
    Powerwipes tissues.

  • The open working time (at 20°C) is:

    • 10 minutes for 2-K Mix Fast (complete curing after 120 min.)

    • 4 minutes for 2-K Mix Superfast (complete curing after 60 min.)..

  • After curing, 2-K Mix is perfectly workable: tapping, drilling, milling, cutting with a saw, etc.