Filling a drill hole

Filling a drill hole

Drilled a hole . . . just a few millimeters off? We can fix that easily by filling up the drill hole with 2K-Mix Superfast. After less than an hour you will be able to drill a new hole and the problem is solved. 2K-Mix Fast is perfectly workable: drilling, milling, cutting with a saw, sanding, etc.  It’s a highly versatile product with which you can bond, anchor and repair.

Step 1: Preparation

Remove dust from the borehole using a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: Filling

  • Fit the cartridge of 2K-Mix Fast into the TEC7 Gun. Remove the cap.

  • Screw the mixer tip on the cartridge. Eject around 10 cm. This first bit is insufficiently mixed and will not cure completely, so it must be disposed of.

  • Fill the opening carefully and completely with 2K-Mix Fast

  • Remove excess 2K-Mix Fast immediately with Powerwipes tissues.

  • Clean the mouth of the tube carefully with Powerwipes tissues. Screw the cap back on. You can use the remaining 2K-Mix Fast for about another 6 months


Step 3: Finishing

  • After the primary curing (around 25 min.) you can drill a new hole.

  • Wait for complete curing (around 60 min.) before you fully load the repair.