How to use the Omnigun

The Omnigun is a caulking gun with stepless adjustable power transmission that can be used for both sausages and standard plastic cartridges. Find out here how to get started with the Omnigun.

Using a sausage

  • Unscrew the entire holder.

  • Screw the black attachment onto the steel connecting rod.

  • Screw the holder back onto the Omnigun.

  • Insert the sausage into the gun tube and cut the sausage open behind the metal ring.

  • Insert the perforation adapter into the locking nut.

  • Close the tube with the nut and attach the nozzle to the perforation adapter.

  • Turn the adjustment knob to the required position.

  • The sausage can be removed from the gun after use and reused later, as long as the adapter with the nozzle remains on the sausage.


Important: done with caulking or taking a break? Always make sure to press the stop on the back of the Omnigun to prevent product from continuing to flow out.

Using a cartridge

  • Open the cartridge and screw on the nozzle.

  • Cut off the nozzle to the required size.

  • Place the cartridge in the holder (extractor at the back).

  • Turn the adjustment knob to the desired position.