Repairing concrete decay

Repairing concrete decay

Concrete decay can impair the structural strength of a construction. Moreover, it is very difficult to repair permanently. It is important to effectively seal off the rebar from the air before the repair work is done. For this, we use Fixprimer as an impregnating agent for the substrate reinforcement. This can even be done on slightly wet concrete. Then we repair the damage with Wall Fix. The final result is stronger than the original.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Remove as much loose concrete as possible with a hammer and chisel

  • Remove dust and lose particles with the steel wire brush. Free the rebar as much as possible.


Step 2: Reinforcing

  • Prepare Fixprimer. Add the entire content of Fixprimer component B to component A. Screw the cover on and shake vigorously.

  • Apply the Fixprimer generously to the damaged surface, using the brush that comes with it. The liquid is absorbed by the concrete. It penetrates into the rusted iron and seals it off. The deeper the liquid can penetrate, the better.


Step 3: Repairing

  • Prepare Wall Fix. Pour the entire content of hardener B into the total quantity of mortar in the pail.

  • Mix the two components very thoroughly for about 2 minutes. NEVER add water, cement or other substances!

  • Apply the mortar in a first, thin layer with a trowel. Press on well.

  • Restore the original form with Wall Fix. 

  • Possibly create a small formwork using form board.


Step 4: Finishing

  • Remove excess Wall Fix immediately with Powerwipes tissues.

  • Clean tools with acetone.

  • Smooth finishing with Tec7 Cleaner.