Sealing windows

Sealing windows

Of course, you can seal windows with Tec7, but X-Seal was specially developed for finishing joints. X-Seal is more flexible than conventional MS polymers, so that less force is required to apply it. This allows you greater precision. X-Seal paints over very well and is UV-resistant.

Step 1: Preparation

Important for a permanent optimal adhesion:

  • Remove loose particles and dust with a brush or hoover.

  • Clean the substrate using Tec7 Cleaner and/or Multiclean: apply, leave for a while, rub off with a clean, lint-free cloth and remove residues with a second clean cloth.

Important for a perfect result:

  • Cut the nozzle at an angle of 45°. The opening must be slightly smaller than the intended joint.

  • Use a Tec Gun, with the black plastic lip at the back facing upwards: when the trigger is released, the piston goes back a little so that there is no more pressure on the cartridge, and the sealant does not run.

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Step 2: Sealing

  • Hold the pistol at an angle of 45°. So the sealant can always touch both edges.

  • Squirt out a narrow, filling joint. Wider joints are more difficult to finish off.

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Step 3: Finishing

  • For the finishing, the surface determines the product to be used:

  • Use Tec7 Cleaner on non-porous surfaces such as PVC, metal, hardwood and lacquer.

  • Use HP Clean on porous surfaces such as natural stone, concrete or brick.

  • In case of doubt or combined surfaces, use HP Clean.

  • Moisten the joint spatula with the chosen cleaner and smooth the joint off.

  • Remove excess sealant from the joint spatula with Powerwipes. Re-moisten your joint spatula with the selected cleaner.

  • If you use a tape, use the thinnest possible.

  • Then wipe off with your joint spatula so that there is no more sealant on the tape to avoid an upright edge.

  • Remove any spilled sealant with the cleaner you have already used.

  • Wait for around 2 hours before painting over the joint.

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