Seal and bond like a pro?

Discover 1 solution for cleaning, degreasing and smoothing

Seal joints, seams and skirting boards like a pro? That's anything but obvious, because good sealing is a real art. But with Prepare & Finish you can do it, every time. The handy spray is useful for preparing and finishing your job. Quickly clean, degrease and smoothen, with this Tec7 innovation you get a perfect result every time. Three functions in one!

No hassle, perfect result

Many joints in the kitchen and bathroom have to be sealed so that no dirt or moisture can get in. So you have to seal them! How was it done in the past? You cleaned the surface with Tec7 Cleaner and/or Multiclean, and after sealing you used Tec7 Cleaner for a perfect finish. If you were quickly satisfied, you went for a simple soapy water to smooth the sealant with your finger or a sealant spoon. Tec7 makes your life easier. From now on you will only need one product for the preparation and finish of your job: Prepare & Finish.

For all kinds of joints, seams, edges and surfaces

The connection between tiling and a drain. The seam between a toilet bowl and the floor. The edge around a sink. When sealing these types of joints, edges and seams, you can always get started with Prepare & Finish for a thorough preparation and an accurate finish. Prepare & Finish also comes in handy when gluing skirting boards and mouldings, for example. It is compatible with any adhesive or sealant and safe to use on any surface. The applications are almost endless.

Cleaning, degreasing and smoothing in one

How does it work? Prepare & Finish has three functions. You use it to clean and degrease the surface and to smoothen your sealant. First Prepare & Finish removes fine dust as well as grease and fingerprints. It acts as a cleaner and degreaser for a perfect adhesive or sealant result without the risk of staining. Using Prepare & Finish for smoothing, ensures a beautifully smooth and closed joint, accelerates the curing of polymers and reduces the risk of mould growth on sanitary joints. If the surface permits, you can paint over the product without rinsing.


Prepare & Finish


How to seal or bond with Prepare & Finish?

Sealing or bonding like a pro, how do you do that? Remove loose dirt with a brush or cloth. Then spray Prepare & Finish on the surface. Are you going to glue? Then treat both surfaces. Allow one minute to soak in and rub away the loosened dirt with a microfiber cloth. Allow a few minutes to evaporate and apply the sealant or adhesive. Then it's time for the finishing touches. Moisten a spatula, dusting tool or your finger with Prepare & Finish. Smooth the joint and remove any excess sealant or adhesive. Done!

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