Tec7 launches Multigun

1 adjustable cartridge gun for all adhesives and sealants

A sealant gun or caulking gun comes in handy for a lot of jobs. You want to use the right sealant or adhesive for each project. Whatever the consistency of that sealant or adhesive, from now on you will always use the same gun: the Multigun. This Tec7 cartridge gun replaces several guns and guarantees a seamless result. After all, you set the power transfer yourself. That's easier, but also more precise work.

One cartridge gun for sealing and bonding

Sealing small gaps around a window, door or bathtub? Sealing tile work? A caulk gun gives you a nice finished result. Sealing with a sealant gun does require some skill. The consistency of your sealant or adhesive can vary depending on the application. For example, a sealant is usually more fluid than an adhesive. You can, of course, try to adapt your squirting technique to the thickness of the sealant or adhesive used, but that is not obvious. And if the finish is not accurate, you risk smudges and stains. So why not get a suitable sealant gun for every job? No need to!

Always in full control, in any situation

With a Multigun, you apply your adhesive or sealant extremely precisely every time. Multigun is a revolutionary cartridge gun with which you can fully adjust the force of the pump power transmission. It is also the only sealant gun that offers full power control, which is unique in Europe. Do you use a light sealant, a heavy adhesive or a chemical anchor? From now on, one sealant gun will suffice, whatever the application. Multigun is suitable for all types of adhesives and sealants in a standard cartridge, and is perfectly matched to Tec7's products: X-Seal, Tec7 and X-Tack.

Easily set the desired pump power

The Multigun caulk gun not only simplifies your finishing jobs, it's also a pleasure to get started with. The gun has an ergonomic lightweight design that relieves your fingers and wrists, a rotating stock to position the nozzle in the right position, and offers an infinitely variable power setting from 12/1 to 25/1. In this way, sealing or adhesive bonding is effortless and precise. You will benefit from this ease of use year after year, because the Multigun is made of high-quality materials for a long service life. The strong aluminum frame and the treated steel connecting rod with suspension hook are proof of this.




How to use the Multigun cartridge gun?

Preparing the Multigun sealant gun for your job is easy. Cut open the cartridge and screw the nozzle onto it. Then cut the nozzle according to the necessary flow rate. Then put the cartridge in the holder and turn the adjustment knob to the desired position. You can read the transmission ratio on the side below the adjustment knob. Use 12/1 for X-Seal, 18/1 for Tec7 and 25/1 for X-Tack. Want to prepare your job thoroughly and finish it professionally? Then also discover Prepare & Finish, a product with which you can easily clean, degrease and smooth your sealant or adhesive. Three in one!

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