XealPro - The new generation silicone sealant

As of November 2021 Tec7 has updated the formula of XealPro. XealPro is and remains a universal, neutral, 1K silicone sealant of top quality.

Why this update?

At Tec7, we always want to offer the best possible quality for professionals. In recent years, we have seen strong technological progress in the field of silicone sealants.

Legislation has already been tightened and will be even more so next year. In particular, the use of oximes as catalysts will be strictly regulated. Oximes are widely used for neutral silicones but are under fire due to possible toxicity. Although we are convinced that our XealPro was already one of the safest on the market (Meko-free), we have decided to make the necessary adjustments to the formula and to switch to Alkoxy technology.

What has been improved with the new XealPro?

Safety and environmental friendly:

  • The safest and most environmentally friendly silicone technology

  • Alkoxy technology instead of Oxime!

  • Even better M1 certificate


  • Optimal open time: sufficient time to finish perfectly. This is now 25min instead of 9min.

  • More flexibility: the elongation at break for the new version is more than 900% break instead of 600%.

  • Longer shelf life: 18 months instead of 15 months.


New packaging!

As always, this new formula was thoroughly tested in our lab and by professionals on the work floor. The latter group noted a positive difference in the following areas:

  • Colour and brightness: Certain colours of the new XealPro look slightly different than the previous version (especially brown).

  • The spraying experience is different but was found to be positive.

In short, with this new formula we are convinced that we have retained all the strong properties of our universal neutral silicone sealant and that with this update we are bringing a future-proof, state-of-the-art silicone sealant onto the market.

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