X-tack helps to realise the vision of a modern funeral home

Funeral home - Funeral specialist Hans Van Den Bogaert: New building

When the architectural firm, Nicolas Vanderhaeghen, designed the new funeral home for Uitvaartzorg Hans Van den Bogaert, it envisioned a rather austere building, with a continuous façade of facing bricks. No problem, with the super-strong X-Tack mounting kit.

Until recently, the funeral specialist, Uitvaartzorg Hans Van den Bogaert, carried out various aspects of its operations at four different locations. “That wasn’t particularly convenient,” says Thomas, Hans’ son, who is actively involved in the business.

“At the same time, our mortuary was in a hospital that is phasing this out. So it was time for one new, central location.”


An attractive, but challenging vision

The new location was to be a brand new funeral home in Lier. Inside, the interior exudes just the right serene atmosphere, with lots of wood and indirect lighting. Soft music can be heard throughout. Underfloor heating fills the building with a nice warmth. Outside, the building is fairly austere, with glass sections and continuous stone cladding - with the latter turning out to be quite a challenge.

“The architectural firm Nicolas Vanderhaeghen wanted the exterior facing bricks to continue everywhere,” says Warren Reusens, the manager in charge of this construction project at the main contractor "Dhulst". “Even under the steel façade supports above the windows and awning. So that nobody would see the steel brackets in the façade.”

How do you realise such a design?

Dhulst knew just what to do. “We had to glue the facing bricks along the bottom of the façade support. Something we had previously achieved without any difficulty with a mounting kit from one of the specialists in this field: X-Tack from Tec7. So we already knew perfectly well how to meet this challenge.”

“It didn't even occur to us to consider other brands of adhesives. When I think of a mounting adhesive that has to have super adhesive strength, X-Tack is the one that immediately comes to mind. After all, once glued, you don't want a facing brick like that to fall on someone's head.”

Fast and powerful bonding, without support

X-Tack is also very easy to use, Warren Reusens continues. “The product provides great initial adhesion. This means you can glue in the brick without having to support it afterwards. X-Tack reaches its maximum adhesive strength after 24 hours, which is fast.”

“The fact that you can apply X-Tack in almost any circumstances is also very handy,” adds Warren Reusens. “Even if the construction element or external environment is still a bit damp. The application itself is also very easy, because the product is ready to use.”

Satisfied contractor, architect and client

The new funeral home was completed recently. “The architectural firm was very satisfied, just as we were”, said Warren Reusens.

You can't see any difference between the glued and the masonry façade cladding. I really would like to show you where the façade bricks are glued, but I can't (laughing).

“We are also very satisfied,” concludes Thomas Van den Bogaert. “Without the glued facing bricks, you would be able to see the façade support, even from the street. Now, all you see is a very nice, modern building while you’re driving to our centre. An outstanding achievement!”