Repair blistering in roofing

Blistering occurs when water somehow gets under the roofing and cannot escape. In summer this water evaporates and causes blistering. To prevent water damage, blistering should be dealt with as soon as possible. We explain you how to do this easily with WP7-301 Roofing Waterproof.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Cut open the blister in a cross shape.


Step 2: Sealing the blister

  • Apply WP7-301 with a brush or spatula under each opened section.

  • Close each opened section and press.

  • Apply WP7-301 with brush or spatula on top of the opened section.

  • Finish with Tec7 Cleaner and a brush to make the edges fit better.

Tip: Also spray your brush with Tec7 Cleaner.


Always consult the technical data sheet for full instructions.