Repairing a loose EPDM seam

A perfect waterproofing is crucial when installing EPDM. However, it can happen that a seam is not sufficiently sealed or is detached over time. Moisture can easily penetrate via this seam. With WP7-101 Universal Roof Sealing you can easily reseal these seams.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Remove loose parts.

  • Clean the surface with Multiclean.

  • Remove Multiclean with a microfibre cloth and rub dry with another microfibre cloth.


Step 2: Sealing the seam

  • Apply WP7-101 in the loose area.

  • Press and smooth with a spatula.

  • Apply another strip of WP7-101 on top of the loose area, press and smooth with a spatula.

  • Finish with Tec7 Cleaner.


Always consult the technical data sheet for full instructions.