Bonding and sealing in a maritime environment

The shipbuilding and offshore industry is a strictly regulated technical field. Every product that is used on board of ships and offshore constructions (drilling rigs, wind turbines, etc.) that are built, maintained or repaired in the EU, has to comply with the EU Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90, or MED for short.

This stipulates that products in each category must comply with a whole series of safety standards, with very strict controls on production and use. Only approved products may carry the much-coveted "wheelmark" logo. 


Tec7 is part of the select club of adhesives/sealants that are MED 2014/90 certified, which makes it suitable for use on all EU ships. The product has been thoroughly tested for flammability and the absence of hazardous components. Moreover, no harmful emissions are released during combustion. Every year, this is reconfirmed by an independent supervisory body (TÜV Nord) by means of a thorough audit and quality tests.  

Tec7 is used as a safe, high-quality adhesive on drilling platforms, wind farms and luxury yachts, among others. Besides the extensive certification in the area of environment and VOC emission, this is an extra confirmation of the product quality and the care for the environment and health of Tec7. 

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