Tec7 revolutionises large area bonding

In the field of spray adhesives, contact adhesives and PU adhesives are the most commonly known and used adhesive types. Despite their well-known advantages, they also have some major drawbacks, such as health risks, water and temperature resistance, repositionability and so on. Disadvantages that have rightly been attracting more and more attention in recent years.

As a result, many adhesive manufacturers are looking towards MS Hybrid polymer technology as a futureproof alternative, as it could provide an answer to the disadvantages of contact and PU adhesives, while maintaining a high bonding capacity. But there is one major drawback. The polymers are too viscous to be sprayed. Or better, there WAS a drawback.

As one of the frontrunners regarding MS Hybrid Polymer technology, Tec7 has taken a leading role in developing a high quality solution.

First sprayable MS Hybrid polymer adhesive

After years of extensive research and testing, Tec7 has succeeded in developing a sprayable MS Hybrid polymer adhesive, called SprayTec. This brand new spray adhesive, based on the latest generation of low-viscosity MS Hybrid polymers, represents a major leap forward in adhesive technology. SprayTec's patent pending formulation combines strength and efficiency with safer and healthier working conditions.  

SprayTec spray pattern

SprayTec offers a number of advantages over traditional sprayable adhesives.


SprayTec allows for repositioning during application. This flexibility allows precise alignment of materials before curing, reducing the risk of errors and providing more control over the bonding process.

Single-sided application

SprayTec eliminates the need for double-sided application common with contact adhesives. With SprayTec, applying adhesive to one surface is enough, streamlining the bonding process and improving efficiency. This means you can cover twice the area with the same amount of product.

Applicable on humid surfaces

One of the notable advantages of SprayTec is its ability to bond effectively on humid surfaces. This sets it apart from traditional spray adhesives, which typically require a dry substrate for proper application. In scenarios where moisture is present, such as roofing applications where morning dew or damp conditions are common, SprayTec proves to be a game changer.

100% solids content

SprayTec has a solids content of 100%, far exceeding the 10-30% typically found in contact adhesives. This means, when using contact adhesives, 70-90% of what you spray will simply evaporate. With SprayTec, this is 0%, meaning you get better value for money.

Higher temperature resistance

Whereas the average contact adhesive typically has a temperature resistance of 75 to 90°C, SprayTec is temperature resistant up to 150°C. This ensures durable and reliable bonding, even in high-temperature environments such as flat roofs.

Health and environment

SprayTec is designed with health and environment concerns in mind. It contains no solvents and is free of phthalates and isocyanates, reducing VOC emissions. This creates a healthier and more comfortable environment, reducing the risk of potential respiratory problems or sensitivities caused by exposure to hazardous chemicals.

SprayTec's versatility opens up a wide range of applications across multiple industries.


From insulation to EPDM/Single ply membranes and underlayment, SprayTec simplifies the process of bonding roofing materials. Its multi-layer compatibility and moisture curing properties make it an ideal choice for a wide range of roofing applications.

SprayTec roofing


SprayTec is invaluable for bonding various flooring materials, including vinyl, linoleum, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), parquet, carpet, and laminate. Its moisture-curing properties and excellent adhesion ensure secure and long-lasting flooring installations.

SprayTec flooring

General construction

In general construction, SprayTec can be used for bonding insulation, waterproofing membranes (with the exception of PE), acoustic panels, and wind proofing materials. Its high adhesion and durability make it a reliable solution in demanding construction environments.

SprayTec general construction


SprayTec excels in wood and laminating applications, including bonding high pressure laminate (HPL), veneer and sandwich panels. Notably, its non-hazardous nature contributes to a healthier working environment, particularly important in the woodworking industry.

SprayTec spray

SprayTec is applicable to all surfaces, including EPS, XPS, Polystyrene, ...

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