Tec7, the unbeatable number 1

Tec7, the unbeatable number 1 in bonding, mounting and sealing

As a professional, you use a lot of products. But some solutions work so fine and well that they become real favorites. Tec7 for example, is the logical choice for bonding, mounting and sealing a wide range of materials. Efficient, versatile and user-friendly.

One product, many applications

One sophisticated formula for bonding, mounting and sealing. Unique adhesion on wet and dry surfaces. An extremely long effective life span. Usable on virtually all building materials. Tec7 makes it happen.

Say goodbye to construction glue, wood glue, PU glue, silicone sealant, sanitary silicone sealant, acrylic sealant and painter's sealant. One product is just all you need for bonding, sealing and mounting. With Tec7 you can do it all easily and quickly, without fuss.

The best of 2 worlds

Never say Tec7 is a silicone sealant! Silicone has proven qualities, but the adhesion is often insufficient. You can do better than that!

Hybrid MS polymers like Tec7 combine the best of both worlds. They offer the advantages of silicone sealants (elasticity, durability) and those of super-strong PU adhesives (adhesion, paintability, better processability). You get used to all these qualities in one tube very quickly.

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Top performance on more than 1000 surfaces

Why Tec7 is such a powerful all-rounder? Tec7 bonds to the most common building materials and surfaces. It also does not corrode any synthetic materials. You can tackle various surfaces with it. From plastics like PVC, polystyrene foam and polyester to (mirror)glass, natural stone, roofing, wood, fibreboard, lacquer and stainless steel, only to name a few. It also works on damp and smooth surfaces, even underwater!

All this makes Tec7 suitable for all applications in construction, sanitation and general maintenance.

Superior adhesion, even after 20 years

After curing, Tec7 becomes super strong yet permanently elastic, so it can absorb stresses in a construction. You obtain superior adhesion every time. Even after more than 20 years, test samples in all weathers show almost no loss of quality. The almost odorless adhesive sealant remains water- and airtight, but also flexible at full adhesive strength.


Safe and environmentally friendly

As already mentioned, hybrid MS polymers are superior to silicones in terms of adhesive performance. But hybrid MS polymers also excel in terms of ecology and health. Hybrid MS polymers such as Tec7 contain no known toxic components and have the lowest measured emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

This has also been noticed by the approval authorities. Tec7 received the very highest classification for indoor air quality, such as the German Emicode EC1+ and the extremely strict Finnish M1 class. That makes this kit suitable for demanding applications in ecological construction. Respect for people and the environment - that's Tec7 too.


Tec7, a product of continuous innovation

Tec7, an innovation in a cartridge of the manufacturer with the same name, Tec7: the undisputed market leader in the field of assembly and sealing sealants for the construction market.

The Tec7 assembly sealant that you find on the shelves today is the result of years of research and development. Since its launch in 1993, we have continuously improved our sealant. And we continue to do so, with our goals in mind: the best performance, the ultimate user experience and the most durable possible profile. We therefore have a reputation to uphold. After all, if it's Tec7, it must be good!

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