WP7-401 Facade Waterproof


1 layer = 25 Year Protection.

Apply with a brush or roller.

Fully absorbed after 30 – 60 minutes.

Allows walls to breathe and reduces frost damage.

Energy saving, does not contain any solvents, dirt resistant.

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General information

Product description

Facade Waterproof is an easy to use, clear exterior wall protector and sealer that is white when applying but dries clear leaving a fully protected and waterproof wall that last for up to 25 years. Facade Waterproof can be used on all porous, mineral surfaces and is fully absorbed after 30 to 60 minutes. Facade Waterproof prevents penetration of wind driven rain, the loss of heat through the walls and helps prevent frost damage. Facade Waterproof also prevents algae and moss growth on north-facing facades and protects against the build-up of dirt so facades are easier to clean. Strong reduction of salt efflorescence.

Available packages & colors

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wp7-401-5l-en 602050000 - 5414195011706 - WP7-401 Facade Waterproof - rectangular bucket 5L 602050000 5414195011706 WP7-401 Facade Waterproof - rectangular bucket 5L


Water repellent treatment of facades.

Renovation of walls with rain penetration.

Watertight sealing of brick for external protection.

For brick, mineral plaster, porous natural stone, sand-lime brick, brick slips, concrete,….

Technical information


  • Basis: water-based silane emulsion.
  • Consistency: gel.
  • Color: white / yellow-white when applied, transparent after penetration.
  • Relative density: 0.83 (+/- 0.02).
  • Solid content: +/- 25%.
  • Application temperature: + 5°C / + 30°C.
  • Rain resistant: after full curing (+/- 30 minutes).
  • Shelf life: 12 months, stored cool and dry in original packaging.


  • Apply on stable, clean, hand dry and porous facade. Allow two days to dry after cleaning and at least 7 days after repair of masonry.
  • Apply undiluted in one thick layer with a fur roller or a block brush.

Treat or cover natural stone completely to prevent staining. Wood can also be treated, first test on a wood sample and let it dry for 24 hours. Immediately remove spillage with a damp cloth and rinse with clean water. Clean material with clean water. Remove dried spots using Tec7 Cleaner. Consumption +/- 30m2 / 5L depending  on the surface varying between 20 and 40 m2/5L.

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