WP7-402 Stop Rising Damp


Water-repellent barrier in walls.

Simple application without waste, without gun and without pressure.

Even for walls with 95% moisture content.

Safe, solvent-free and odorless.

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General information

Product description

Stop Rising Damp is the final solution against rising damp that forms a water-repellent, horizontal barrier in walls. For all types of brick, even hollow that can also be used as a joint seal in solid natural stone walls. Stop Rising Damp can be used indoors and outdoors and is BBRI AAA + (Belgian Building Research Institute) certified.

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wp7-402-3x550ml-en 602060000 - 5414195011737 - WP7-402 Stop Rising Damp - set 3 x 550ml sausages 602060000 5414195011737 WP7-402 Stop Rising Damp - set 3 x 550ml sausages


  • Invisible barrier for rising damp.
  • Stops salt deposition from groundwater.

Technical information


  • Basis: water-based silane emulsion.
  • Consistency: gel.
  • Color: white / yellow-white when applied, transparent after penetration.
  • Relative density: 0.9 (+/- 0.02).
  • Solid content: +/- 80%.
  • Application temperature: + 5 ° C / + 30 ° C.
  • Shelf life: 12 months, stored cool and dry in original packaging.


  • Remove skirting boards, cover plates from electrical outlets and all plastering up to 25 cm above visible moisture or salt efflorescence.
  • Drill a hole of 12 mm diameter every 10 cm. The depth is the wall thickness minus 5 cm. For fastest effectiveness, drill in the lowest horizontal cement joint, above the ground surface outside. Inject double walls and walls thicker than 40 cm from the inside and outside at the same height. Treating a wall of very porous stone such as sandstone, iron sandstone or some limestone, it is best to inject the stone itself. Follow the lowest joint in natural stone. In the presence of an old flood barrier, drill below its level. Drill several holes in a star formation in corners for complete impregnation.
  • Remove all drilling dust from the holes.
  • Screw the injection hose onto the sausage. Insert the hose to the rear in the drill holes and fill it with a slowly retracting movement. Leave the last cm unfilled.
  • Close the holes with Tec7 Filler.


After a few days to weeks (depending on how dry the wall is), a +/- 10 cm thick water-repellent layer is formed over the entire width of the wall. Drying the wall will take longer depending on the thickness of the wall, weather conditions and moisture content. Measure the evolution if necessary with a moisture meter.

If the walls do not dry, or stains appear at normal humidity, there is a heavy salt load. This can be remedied by a wall treatment with Tec7 Wall + Basement Waterproof.

Blow-through driving rain that counteracts drying can be remedied with facade treatment with Tec7 Facade Waterproof.

Wait until the walls are completely dry. Good ventilation promotes the drying process. Wait at least two weeks before installing a construction dryer. Do not install a retention wall to prevent moisture problems in the form of corrosion, damage to the walls and serious mold or occurrence of house fungus.

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