Sealing screw & drill holes

Screw & drill holes can rust or weather over time. They become brittle and become the cause of all kinds of moisture problems.

By sealing them immediately with WP7-201 Instant Waterproof, you will never have to worry about this again. Moreover, sealing them is extremely easy.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Clean the surface with Multiclean.

  • Take WP7-201, release the mixing ball and shake it for at least 1 minute.

WP7-202_Repair 2_08-min (1)

Step 2: Sealing screw & drill holes

  • Apply a thin layer of WP7-201 at a distance of 25-40 cm.

  • Apply a second coat after 10 minutes.

WP7-201_Repair 1_04-min

Step 3: Storing the spray can

  • Hold the spray can upside down and spray until no more product is released.

  • Clean the spray head with Tec7 Cleaner.

WP7-201_Repair 1_03-min

Always consult the technical data sheet for full instructions.