Damp problem in the basement?

This solution enables you to counter the most persistent damp problems!

Loose coatings, peeling paint, damp spots, crystals or mould in your basement?  They are all red flags indicating damp problems. Going shopping for a basement sealing product? Pay attention to what you buy, because not every product can cope with major damp problems. We recommend an extremely effective solution to cure damp. An innovation from Tec7, of course!

Help! Damp in the basement and nothing works!

A damp problem in your basement can be a real challenge. What do you do when the walls start to crumble and the water is running off the walls? Many DIYers try out various products, only to see the problem return. Having to treat your basement over and over again is not only frustrating, but also costs you time and money. Tec7 is known for its effective solutions that do what they promise. So we had to find a solution to this problem as well, right? Discover what innovation from Tec7 makes the difference this time.

Problem situations under the microscope

Our R&D team searched enthusiastically for an efficient way to banish damp from basements. The specialists examined various problem situations and took their time to develop a solution. We can now look back on that process with satisfaction. The basement sealing solution we are proud to present to you has everything it takes to finally deal with damp in your basement. Whatever the situation, and however dramatic it may seem. Curious? Get to know our basement sealing solution and request your free waterproofing brochure.

Efficient total solution for persistent damp problems

The newcomer in our range is called WP7-501 Basement + Wall Waterproofing and is a real all-rounder. You can use it to tackle various surfaces (brick, concrete, masonry basement bricks, etc.) and all kinds of damp problems. Damp stains, loose plaster, nitric deposits (salt efflorescence), crystals, mould bloom on walls and ceilings, a musty smell and crumbling, wet walls, for example. Even without experience you can get started quickly. Find out about all the advantages of WP7-501 Basement + Wall Waterproofing and locate your nearest dealer.

A watertight, dry cellar with little effort

Why does a WP7-501 Basement + Wall Waterproofing pack contain two products? For a good, durable result, first apply the special mineral-based primer. This neutralises the salts in the wall and strengthens the substrate. The second product is a polymer-based coating. This ensures an impact- and tear-resistant top layer. With a single WP7-501 Basement + Wall Waterproofing pack you can easily finish an area of 6 square metres. This makes it easy to calculate how many packs you need to enjoy a waterproof, bone-dry basement. View the specifications of WP7-501 Basement + Wall Waterproofing.

How to use WP7-501 Basement + Wall Waterproofing?

How do you tackle your basement using the new basement sealing solution from Tec7? It is possible in just a few steps. This makes quick work of the job. Basically, you first remove the old paint and loose plaster. Then prepare the primer with water and apply it. Then prepare the mixture for the final finish and apply two coats. Do not start the second finishing coat until the first coat has dried. Click here for a clear step-by-step plan with instruction video.

A perfectly finished result straight away

Why do we refer to WP7-501 Basement + Wall Waterproofing as a real innovation? Because this product provides a solution in the most challenging problem situations. Regardless of the situation, one total solution is sufficient, saving you time and money. On completion of the work, your basement walls and ceiling will immediately have a durable finish. Painting or tiling is possible, but not necessary. WP7-501 Basement + Wall Waterproofing is not only suitable for basement walls and ceilings. Also feel free to use it on your basement floor, because the protective coating is perfectly walkable.

Safe and pleasant to work with

You don't simply develop a new product in between something else. As usual, we set the bar high, also when it comes to your health. A lot of basement sealing products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that you should not inhale. WP7-501 Basement + Wall Waterproofing, by contrast, is solvent-free, 100% safe and a pleasure to work with. The neutral smell certainly also has a lot to do with this. Now you have no more excuses for hiring a professional basement sealing specialist. From now on, you can waterproof your basement and solve damp problems yourself!

A persistent damp problem in your basement? WP7-501 Basement + Wall Waterproofing enables you to overcome various damp problems. Your dry basement is finished right away and will remain beautiful for years. Finally a product that really works! Discover it online, and at a dealer near you.

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