Sausage cartridges: less waste, more yield

For several years now, sausage cartridges for adhesives and sealants have made their way into the construction industry. Today, companies processing large quantities on a daily basis are already eagerly using them. This is because they are available in larger packaging and ensure much less waste on site. What's not to like?

Among smaller professional consumers and in the DIY market, however, sausage cartridges remain largely unknown and unloved. Wrongly so, Tec7 believes.

What is a sausage cartridge?

Unlike a standard hard cartridge, the sausage cartridge consists of a thin, flexible film. At both ends, the pattern is sealed with a metal ring, just as is often done with sausages.


To use a sausage cartridge, you use a sausage caulking gun like the Omnigun. Unlike a standard gun, the barrel of a sausage gun is completely closed. This is necessary to keep the sausage firmly in place and to ensure that the glue comes out nicely in the front rather than the sides.

100% Tec7, 90% less waste

Perhaps the most important argument for choosing a sausage cartridge is the impact it has on the environment. The film of a sausage cartridge is 15 to 20 times thinner in terms of material than a standard cartridge. As a result, including the nozzle, you produce over 90% less waste in volume.

In terms of waste transport and disposal, sausage cartridges also have major advantages. A standard cartridge remains the same size before and after use. A foil, on the other hand, is completely compressed after use. As a result, a multitude of foil packaging can be transported and processed at once. One full lorry of empty cartridges is equivalent to just one pallet of foil packaging. This results in a huge reduction in CO2 emissions.

Sausage vs cartridge waste comparison

An additional advantage of the sausage cartridge is that it is completely airtight. As a result, the product retains its original quality and you can get 100% yield, whereas with standard cartridges, the product can become stiffer or sometimes (hardened) residues are left behind.

Easy to store and long shelf life

One of the most common doubts surrounding sausage cartridges is storage. Suppose you have used half a cartridge, how on earth are you supposed to store something like that?

However, Tec7 sausage cartridges can be stored perfectly. To make this possible, Tec7 uses special adapters with interchangeable nozzles. The adapters contain two 'blades' on the inside that secure themselves in the sausage. As a result, after use, the nozzle can simply remain in the sausage and can be sealed and stored as you would with a standard cartridge.

In summary, a sausage cartridge is at least as long-lasting as a standard cartridge when sealed correctly.

Half and compressed sausage

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"With the right tools, using sausage cartridges becomes a piece of cake sausage."


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