Professional Waterproofing

TEC7: top quality every time

Tec7 is synonymous with quality and innovation. And like all other Tec7 products, the new Waterprotec7 range is absolutely top class. 100% professional products for effective and long-lasting results. And at the same time 100% usable for slightly less experienced DIYers, where safety and ease of use are crucial.

Tec7 offers you everything you need to keep water out of where it doesn't belong, with just 7 products. The WP7 products are all safe to use and 100% effective at the same time. 100% professional Belgian quality. 100% well-organised and clear.

6 steps to a waterproof solution

Identify the problem

A leak is often not where you think it is. A wet spot in your wall can be rising damp, but also pouring rain. Read the tips in this guide. Follow the step-by-step guide.

Can I solve it myself?

A problem is often simple. A small leak or slightly damp basement walls. But it may also conceal an underlying cause. Don't take any chances if you think an application is beyond your ability. When in doubt, ask a professional for advice ... Safety first!

Read the manual!

Always read the information on the packaging. Need more info? You can find the technical data sheet with the complete manual at the product page. Any questions? Our helpdesk is available via email, Facebook or telephone (+32 14 85 97 37).

Is everything ready?

Good preparation is half the battle. Make it easy for yourself and make sure you have all materials and tools at hand. Follow the cleaning and preparation instructions.

Perfect execution

Have you read the manual? Then you know exactly what to do. Pay close attention to minimum and maximum processing times and temperatures.

Finishing & tidying up

Ready? Don't forget to wipe up any spilled products. Clean the materials according to the instructions in the technical data sheet. Now stand back and admire your work! Congratulations!


Roofs are for years exposed to wind and weather, high and low temperatures and especially the effects of destructive UV radiation. This means that roofing and EPDM can become dull and brittle over time, tapes and sealants can become detached or drop down, and leaks can occur.

Used correctly, WP7 roof products are fully resistant to damage from temperature, water and UV. In addition, they are easy to use and you can almost always be sure of good results!


Discover our heroes

Wall & Basement

Damp walls can be a very tricky problem.

Firstly, because they cause major inconveniences: peeling paint, crumbling plaster, mould, musty odour, etc. But also because they are classically difficult to treat. The WP7 range from Tec7 provides new, innovative and simple solutions to old moisture problems. With new technologies and products that can be used by both the true professional and the better DIYer.


Discover our heroes

Wall salts, a neglected problem

The presence of wall salts and their harmful effects must always be taken into account in the treatment and after-care of damp in walls and basements.

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